45th Reunion  Bend Golf Club
45th Reunion Bend Golf Club
Use this site to share photos. Upload old photos, elementary school photos, high school photos or photos from the 40th reunion.

Let us know if you would like your own special photo album for your pictures.
Recognize any one? Here are the lists for some of the students in each class in the Elementary School Album. Send us an email at bendhigh1969@gmail.com to add or edit the list.

Thanks to Christi Payne and Jill Pinckney Simpson for a great memory and photo files!

Allen School 1st Grade Miss Kjos Allen School Grade 2 Miss Kjos
Allen School Grade 3 Miss Hillgen Reid School Grade 4 Mr. Norton
Allen School 5th Grade Mrs Peoples Kenwood School 6th Grade Mr Ensworth
Reid 4th grade Mrs Smyth Thompson 3rd grade Mrs Heibert
Reid 2rd grade Mrs Cullison  

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of all of the pictures taken during the weekend for the 40th Reunion.
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