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45th Reunion
Bend Golf Club
45th Reunion Bend Golf Club
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Recognize any one? Here are the lists for some of the students in each class in the Elementary School Album. Send us an email at to add or edit the list.

Thanks to Christi Payne and Jill Pinckney Simpson for a great memory and photo files!

Allen School 1st Grade Miss Kjos Allen School Grade 2 Miss Kjos
Allen School Grade 3 Miss Hillgen Reid School Grade 4 Mr. Norton
Allen School 5th Grade Mrs Peoples Kenwood School 6th Grade Mr Ensworth
Reid 4th grade Mrs Smyth Thompson 3rd grade Mrs Heibert
Reid 2rd grade Mrs Cullison  

2023 It's Just Pizza Night
2022 It's Just Pizza Night
2021 70th Birthday Party
50th Reunion Tie Dye
50th Reunion Tie Dye 2
50th Reunion Group Pics
50th Reunion Saturday Banquet
50th Reunion - Thursday BBQ
50th Reunion BHS Tour
2013 "It's Just Pizza" night in Salem
Dave, Dennis, Mike, Jim, Bill, John, Bob.
Bob and Jill
2019 "It's Just Pizza Night"
Bill and Bill
Mark and Hari
Mike and Diane
Hari and Janie
Peggy and Tom
Leonard and Charlie
Cheryl and Terry
Dan, Jill, and Julie
45 Year Reunion - Friday at O'Kane's
45 Year Reunion - Saturday at the Bend Golf Club
2013 "It's Just Pizza" night in Bend
Group Shot
Charlie Page & wife
Mark & Susie Fagan Wirges
Dr. Sheila Myers, Tom Riley and Allen Boyle
Julie Gray Nash and her father Al Gray
Julie Gray Nash and husband Kevin McCarty
Charlie Sottosanti
Mike Johnston and wife
Mike Reif and wife
Dave Burleigh & Bill Beckley
Jill Bennett, Terry and Cheryl Cribbins Hansen
2012 "It's Just Pizza" Night in Bend
2012 "It's Just Pizza" night
2011 "It's Just Pizza" night
2010 "It's Just Pizza" night
2009 40 Year Reunion - Group Pictures
40 Year Reunion - Friday at the Bear's Den
40 Year Reunion - Friday at O'Kanes
40 Year Reunion - Saturday Formal Poses
40 Year Reunion - Informal Poses
40 Year Reunion - Saturday Banquet
40 Year Reunion - Banquet Part Deux
40 Year Reunion - Sunday Services and Picnic
Past Reunion Photos
Old Clippings
Sports Clippings
Retailers from the 60's
Little League Baseball
Tom Riley in action
Brandis Roster 1962
Cascade Gas Roster 1962
Eagles Roster 1962
Elks Roster 1962
Healys Roster 1962
LELCO League Rosters 1962
Millers Roster 1962
Moose Roster 1962
Shoop & Schultz Roster 1962
VFW Roster 1962
Dairy Queen Roster 1962
Drill Team and other Fun Photos
Pretty cute campfire girls. Who?
Christi Payne
Cathy Christianson
Martha Ellis
Janet Fancher
Deanna Ludwig
Donna Prodehl
Whos in love with GB Shaw?
Cheryl Kerkoch
Christi Payne
Mary Rose Hutchinson
Drill Team Pyramid
State Champions - Drill Team
There were nights when none of us had dates for dances. This is what we did.
Mary Ann Currie, Janet Putnam, Christi Payne, Annette Paul
Mountaintop Cuties
Tom Currie, Doug Shelton, Mary Ann Currie, Jill Robinson, Herr Merker -- I think
Mark Metke, Leonard Parker, and Bill Beckley. Going to Boys State
Scouts, Blue Birds and Bend Memories
Drinking in the Park
Strolling around Bend
1969 12th Grade Yearbook
1968 11th Grade Yearbook
1967 10th Grade Yearbook
1966 9th Grade Yearbook
1965 8th Grade Yearbook
1964 7th Grade Yearbook
Elementary School
Elementary School - Photos with captions
Reid School
Mrs Hollingsheads Class Room 3rd Grade
Mr. Nortons class room 4th grade
Mike Dyer in Concert
More 40th Reunion Photos