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Master List of Names

Click on this link to view a complete list of all our Classmates who have appeared in the Archives.  Six Year books, the Graduation Program, 28 Grade School Class Pictures, Three Reunion Books, and the attendance at the 40th, 45th & 50th Reunions and 70th Birthday Party.  Enjoy finding names from the Past!

This is a large file so give it time to load.

Names in Black text are Classmates that were in High School together.
Names that are Black, Bold text are Deceased.
Name in Red text are lost classmates that moved away early.

As this Master List of Names and compilation of classmate information was being compiled, trends and conclusions materialized.  Names in Annuals are only as accurate as the year book staff's information.  Not every classmate posed for pictures every year.   We have 634 classmates that we have identified through any and all annuals, year books, lists, pictures, and recollections.  As you go through this Master Names List, many of the names will elicit a memory, chuckle, regret, or a smile.  This is the reason for the list, it is about shared experiences and reminisces, and good friends.
We got a late start on the Names List tally's from our Grade Schools. Fifty years is a long time to remember names and faces, so those years are sketchy and incomplete.  The Jr. High and High School years provided better documentation through the annuals, and although not definitive, it is a pretty good accounting of our classmates.
Bend seems to have always been in a growth mode.  The population grew from 11,409 in 1960 to 13,710 in 1970 or about 15%.  Most of the smaller neighborhood schools kept their classes together in grades 1-4.  In 5th and 6th grades, Allen and Kenwood schools consolidated the feeder grade school students.  All schools had an influx of students from outside our boundaries, but as new students moved to Bend, many migrated out as their families moved.  We were all able to experience the small town life, visual splendor, and common activities in Central Oregon. The Master Names List will remind you of some of the names, and where available, you will decern migration patterns (California, The Valley, Redmond, and other places).
At Cascade Jr. High, our class really started to gel when both Kenwood and Allen come together as 7th graders.  In 9th grade, St Francis and LaPine students joined the mix and for the first time, we had the complete class together in one place.  Perhaps because of this constant reshuffling we were always making new friends and acquaintances.
As we entered High School there are 460 names identified as being at BSHS, of these, 304 were in the Graduation Program, other classmates may have had delayed qualifications, or early departures with other diplomas.  Some of our class left early as families moved, more new arrivals were welcomed, a few left early for the military, some just pursued other interests that didn't include school.   After Graduation, our classmates scattered to College, trade schools, marriage, military, we became roommates, spouses, co-workers, business partners, neighbors, confidants, teammates, roll models, and mentors.  We kept in touch before Facebook and Cell Phones as best we could, but we never left the class, we were always drawn back in.  We are the Class of 1969! 
We started our reunions on a 5 year cycle. Since the 40th class reunion, 142 of our classmates have embraced their connections and memories and have attended a reunion.  For many, reunions now feel more like a Family Reunion with surrogate cousins that we have know for over 65 years, some even since birth.  The Reunions represent connections and reminders, especially for those no longer living in the area.  We catch up, we enjoy each and every one, we remember the shared experiences we lived, and we cherish the ones we have lost.
Take more than a few moments to look at this list of names and help us fill in what's incomplete.  All the current supporting material is posted in the Archives section of our website.
Having all this information allows the data to be sorted in many different ways.  Enjoy!
Names in Red (125) are those that left our ranks in Jr. High.
Names in Dark Brown are the classmates (37) that were with us just in Grade school. More complete captioning of the grade school pictures in the Photo Albums posted in this website may reveal addition names.

9 names showed up on the Graduation Program, there are no pictures available.

Black type with a blue background are those (59) that we have lost.

208 Classmates on the commencement list had a long term presence in the schools, attending between 6 and 12 years in the Bend LaPine School District.
Lets see you all at the 55th!                        Remembrances by Bill Shaffer


Note the School Locations on the Map.  Click map to zoom in.
Note the School Locations on the Map. Click map to zoom in.